Power station project

The Darkhan Metallurgical Plant JSC initiated an expansion project to enhance its capacity to process Ferrous metals and thus started the construction of a complex mining facility. As part of this project, we have completed the construction of Tumurtei iron ore mine’s power station and its corresponding infrastructure.

Expansion of Eruu province’s 110/10kW substation

The substation had only one 110kW input and output terminal, and through the expansion project we have increased the number of input terminals to two, and output terminals to three as well as building a control room equipped with 2 high voltage monitoring systems and control panels to regulate power distribution. This expansion enables the connection of “Bold Tumur Eruu Gol” LLCs 110kW insulated aerial cables and ensures an auxiliary power source to the regional capital of Sukhbaatar city, Selenge province.

The scale and significance of this project is a major steppingstone in the regional development of Eruu and Khuder soums, as it creates a reliable electric supply to Tumurtei and Bayangol ore mines. After the completion of the project, the substations capacity had been increased 6-fold.


110/6kW substation and 110KW insulated aerial cables

The construction of this substation and its corresponding 50km long 110kW aerial cable is a major achievement as it provides the infrastructure to power Mongolia’s strategically important Tumurtei ore mine’s 750ton capacity magnetic separator facility, wet magnetic separator facility, equipment servicing area, staff campus and the railroad port. It is also worth mentioning that the infrastructure ensures reliable power supply to the region of Khuder soum, Selenge province.