TDB New HQ project

Since 2018, we have been working on the construction of the latest “Headquarters building of Trade and Development Bank”, and we are sure that the new building will play a crucial role in defining the modern Ulaanbaatar’s looks. The 28 storey tower comprises of 7 pieces of 18m x 18m cube shaped structures and joined in non-symmetric patterns, thus resulting in an abstract and futuristic appearance.

The tower is one of the first structures in Mongolia to have fully complied with Asian and International ISO standards. We have partnered with “China State Construction Engineering Corporation” to ensure high standards in steel concrete frames and professional construction adhering to international standards.

The fact that we are partnering with the same company who built the 828m tall Burj Khalifa building and 101 storey tall International Trade Center in Shanghai clearly adds a new chapter in Mongolian construction sector’s history. The company brings many new methods, technologies and know-hows into the local market, thus enabling us to learn and introduce such technologies upon the Mongolian soil.