Sewage dump & dam construction project


We have supervised the construction of sewage dump station for “Iron Ore Wet Magnetic Separator Facility” of Darkhan Metallurgical Plant, and carried out the fitting of geomembrane padding, pipeline installation, filter dams, porous filters, piezometer borehole fittings, and have provided complete documentation services in preparation for the investigation by state commission including reports, obtaining state permissions, acts for visible and concealed works, and passports in late December of the same year.

The first phase of the dam building project includes construction of a sewage dump with 565,000 cubic meters capacity, water filtration layer, flood ditch, porous filters, piezometer borehole and monitoring borehole, and all of these facilities had been 100% equipped with HDPE geomembrane padding, which greatly reduces water leaks, thereby helping to preserve the environment and reduces the damage.


The “Iron Ore Wet Magnetic Separator Facility” is equipped with 3 processing lines and has a capacity to process one million tons of iron ore and produce enriched iron ores with 64% or more iron content. The feat renders the factory the largest iron ore processing facility in Mongolia. Furthermore, the establishment of such major plant factory not only promotes regional employment, but also enhances the country’s iron output and helps generate more tax revenue for local administration and the country.